BitcoinZ - Your Financial Freedom Community gift to the World.

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    BitcoinZ - Your Financial Freedom
    Community gift to the World.


    Type: Cryptocurrency
    Ticker / Symbol: BTCZ

    Algo: Equihash (always GPU mining - we promote decentralization in mining)
    Max supply 21B coins
    Current supply: 12500 coins every 2.5 minutes
    Current block size is similar to BCC/BCH (BTCZ = 2MB every 2.5 mins ~ BCC/BCH = 8MB every 10 min)
    Tech: ZCL spirit, ZEC privacy, BTC fundamentals
    Whitepaper: (prepared by volunteer!)

    Generally BitcoinZ coin is back to fundamentals.
    BitcoinZ Principles:
    • Everyone is equal and every coin is made by community and for community. We fight for freedom.
    Freedom message is spread in every BitcoinZ node around the globe.
    • Fair launch & announcement at first day
    • Anonymous
    It is recommended to use anonymous zaddr for all transactions. Public taddrs transactions are also allowed.
    • All contributors are welcome and everyone is volunteer - no premine or dev taxes
    • Store of value - always POW and never POS. We recommend to watch Andreas POW explanation
    • Fully decentralized cryptocurrency (no root domain, no main website, no main dev team)
    • Decentralized development
    Developers are self organized in development pods. Every new dev or team is welcome. All implementations should follow consensus rule. You can just create new pod account (e.g. github) and convince community.
    Our goal is to port all best free software on the market to be able to use in BitcoinZ.
    Immutable params:
    - max supply
    - inflation
    - only POW algo - we may change Equihash algo to other POW algo to prevent ASIC miners
    - new features are allowed to improve usage / scalability, but we will never change history (ETH/ETC case)

    bitcoinz-pod/bitcoinz Linux client policy is strict:
    - protect investors, core blockchain and history (immutability). All holders are protected. If you run current software in many years you should be able to transfer your coins.
    - add frequent checkpoints to prevent history change attacks
    - follow zcash changes to include latest updates / security fixes. New version of zcash may be merged after some time when it will be stable live in production environment. Security fixes should be merged as soon as possible.
    - no changes are planned to mislead investors, pool operators and exchanges like changes in coin name / ticker / address convention / reward algorithm
    - no algorithm change: always POW. No master nodes, no secure nodes, no POS. We are ASIC resistant but in the feature algo may change to protect this concept.
    - bitcoinz has stable zcash core and all should agree to current stage. We have the best stable anonymous technology in the market and ASIC resistant algorithm.
    - any voting system may suggest changes and not force any changes
    - each development pod is independent and has its own leaders

    Alternative clients which are compatible with current blockchain are welcome, but they should convince community to use their clients.
    Windows client is example if alternative implementation. It is not based on latest zcash version. We need help to update windows version to latest stable zcash. It is compatible with current blockchain.
    Other forks / team / pods may include masternodes feature as it not break blockchain consensus rule but in this case you should convince some pool / miners to switch to your client which will have less reward for miners.

    Sensitive data programs like wallets should provide free open source code and sha256 to their releases to be able to review their wallets by other teams / pods. It not recommended to use any wallet which hasn't been reviewed by other team. Software without any confirmations should be treated as red flag and not used.

    The most secure software is included in bitcoinz-pod/bitcoinz linux client.

    • Decentralized mining
    As a miner you should not use the biggest pools to follow main principles.
    • Easy to mine
    Equihash algorithm.
    You can use your Desktop PC to mine BitcoinZ. Most profitable is GPU mining.
    • Decentalized Exchanges
    All exchanges are allowed. The best one are decentralized. We plan to implement fully decentralized XCAT exchange.
    • Pure community coin
    • Always immutable - no way to change history!
    • Hardforks to improve tech & scalability are allowed but changing history is banned
    • BitcoinZ is focused on organic growth
    • Please not force anyone for donation. Such behavior maybe treated as rude. Ask yourself how you can help - trade / mine / help dev teams / promote BitcoinZ
    • Keep in mind that all here is decentralized. The most up to date BitcoinZ site is ANN page. If you use external resources just for get info it is OK, but be careful about web wallets / wallets download links etc.
    • bitcoinz-pod team is not related to any pool, exchange and other services providers. Use all external services at your own risk. All services listed here are just for info purpose.

    BitcoinZ is Bitcoin 2.0:
    - Bitcoin technology
    - Anonymous transactions (zk-SNARKs privacy) - Bitcoin has all transactions publicly available.
    - decentralized GPU mining (ASIC miners are banned, hardforks to prevent ASIC miners are allowed)
    - Decentralized development / All contributors are volunteers
    - Big blocks -> blocks are similar to BCC / BCH
    - 21 billion coins - All in the world can have at least one BTCZ
    - Block every 2.5 min vs 10 min in BTC

    If you don't know how to help you can donate this project. Donations are also decenralized!
    - Marketing / Exchange listings donations (responsible cryptorex @ slack):
    BitcoinZ: t1fHHnAXxoPWGY77sG5Zw2sFfGUTpW6BcSZ
    Ethereum: 0x4E3154bc8691BC480D0F317E866C064cC2c9455D
    Bitcoin: 1BzBfikDBGyWXGnPPk58nVVBppzfcGGXMx
    Zcash: t1ef9cxzpToGJcaSMXbTGRUDyrp76GfDLJG
    - Hardware / Explorer / Wallet infrastructure donations (responsible Anthony @ slack).
    For external hardware cost and maintenance. Dedicated Server Hosting, domain purchasing, cloudflare costs.
    BitcoinZ: t1J8GmG3BCLp9iPHzUQ6d1u2cYJ2geRBSQg
    Ethereum: 0x57888a2b50f1140556309328aea0e44b5f15b549
    Bitcoin: 1JikmLAtEs6TgQvcKJF3Wr3aLUtGwVKwhp
    Zcash: t1VVgCTwPdZ4uRVuujYyefaKwQpFahWvWiv

    BitcoinZ is started on 9th September 2017. Don't miss it!
    Crypto basic rules & what community has learned so far
    - Don't keep your coins in exchanges - always store your coins in your wallet
    - You own coins when you have access to private key of your address. Check your public address (taddr) balance in explorers
    - Backup your wallet in many locations
    - Store big amount of coins in cold wallets in anonymous addresses
    - Don't trust anyone. Don't forget about Exchanges / other sites collapse in history
    - Don't give / send anyone your private keys. Private key is the only thing you need to own your address coins. If you give or send anyone your private key please consider it as a red flag and quickly move your coins to other address
    - Make sure you don't have any malware / viruses. A lot of them are looking for wallet.dat file. Wallet is not encrypted. Run wallet only on clean system with antivirus software installed.
    - You use all service at your own risk. We don't guarantee anything. All listed services here are just for info purpose.
    - Read external resources about security

    BitcoinZ contributors
    - Non anonymous devs & crypto enthusiasts - join slack chat and meet them!
    - Anonymous devs
    - Inherited contributors from ZCL / ZEN / ZEC / BTC communities

    • Anonymous messaging channels
    • Setup decentralized XCAT exchange

    Please help & request more!



    Mining Pools
    Mining software:
    Solo mining

    Keep in mind that all here is decentralized. The most up to date bitcoinz-pod team site is ANN page. If you use external BitcoinZ resources just for get info it is OK, but be careful about web wallets / wallets download links etc.

    Other services


    Join to the community! Ask questions or help others. We need strong force to help everyone. Join to BitcoinZ Slack Chat now!
    "Ask not what ours BTCZ Community can do for you, but ask what you can do for ours BTCZ Community"

    Looking for volunteers:

    Support decentralization and run BitcoinZ node!
    Download Windows Wallet & keep it running.
    Quick install script (Ubuntu 16.04)
    chmod +x
    ./get-bitcoinz.shSetup BitcoinZ as a service for current user
    chmod +x
    sudo ./ $USER
    Every node supports BitcoinZ network.

    Nodes list. In case of disaster put them in your bitcoinz.config file

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