Blockchain: The Internet of Value Offers a Trustworthy Global Platform

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    Growing up in the 21st century, you may have been warned that you could lose your job as a result of rapid technological change. As an English editor, I’ve been suggested to plan a career change before Machine translation leaves me jobless in three or five years. It is scary to see technological progress eliminating the need for many types of jobs. Therefore, people sometimes choose not to believe as it does in the case of bitcoin and the blockchain technology.

    I try to talk people around me into learning something about bitcoin and the blockchain technology, but they would simply cover their ears and go“la la la”. I understand it’s hard to believe something invisible to them could change the world and reshape many sectors. And they are reasonable to say some companies and projects are scams. But they clearly don’t understand what is happening by saying bitcoin and blockchain tech are Ponzi’s schemes.

    The Blockchain Technology

    I am obsessed with the blockchain technology and try to really understand it by talking to cryptocurrency developers and investors. I lock myself at room and read books about bitcoin and blockchain. My parents say I am brainwashed by those technical guys and should stop listening to them. But the way I look at it is blockchain technology is the Internet of Value that can change the world on an unprecedented scale.

    The Internet today is a cost effective mechanism for worldwide information dissemination. But at the same time, it is subject to problems like privacy and security. We enjoy the convenience of the Internet at the price of divulging personal data. Nick Szabo says that doing business on the Internet requires a leap of faith because a third party is always involved. The Blockchain network, however, serves as a trustworthy global platform where transactions can be directly made between you and me without going through a third party. For the first time ever, money and everything of value can be exchanged and confirmed by mass collaboration on the Internet in a truly trusted way.

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